Hello. My name is Neil Clennan. Welcome to my web site.

This is a personal web site and I’m just getting started rebuilding it. The original was created with iWeb but that software has not been updated in a long time and many parts of the website became more or less non-functional. In particular, the video used technology that is no longer well supported by browsers. So I’m starting over using WordPress, sifting through the content from the old site and deciding what to pull over into this site. Currently, the old site is still available here.

I just learned WordPress over the last few days in a course from Lynda.com, so now this site will act as a playground where I can challenge myself to do things that WordPress doesn’t seem to be designed to do, like have multiple blogs in a single site (going to use categories to simulate that) and embed a blog within another page.

Should be fun!

Neil Clennan
March 12, 2017