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Welcome to my website

I’m Neil Clennan, and this is my web site; a place for me to share parts of my life with friends and family. If you only just met me (or heard about me), then I suppose this is a good place to learn about me too. You can navigate around to learn about my hobbies, projects, travels, and more.

My website was originally created with iWeb. When support for that software disappeared, I took the opportunity to rebuild the website using WordPress as a way of learning that software. That was back in 2017. The iWeb site continued to be available as a link from the new site because I hadn’t managed to migrate all of the content from the original site into the new design. I’ve spent about 3 years messing around in WordPress, and now it’s time to move on.

This site is built using ExpressionEngine. In a way, this is moving back for me because it has been my CMS of choice for professional web design for many years. Now that EE is available for free, it makes sense for use on hobby websites as well. Also, it’s a much newer version of EE with lots of improvements, so I’m having fun getting to know it all over again.

I’ve migrated all of the content from the WordPress site, but until I can migrate all of the content from the iWeb site, I’ll continue to make it available in the Old Site link at the top.

Neil Clennan
November 4, 2020