Neil Clennan


Hello. My name is Neil Clennan. Welcome to my web site.

This is a personal web site and contains all kinds of things that are of interest to me and might be of interest to others. This is not a professional web site, so even though I have done web site design as part of my profession, this site is being designed and maintained using iWeb software. This I am doing for fun.

This site was originally designed from scratch using text editors mostly, but it has become large and difficult to manage without the use of PHP or some sort of content management system. Since PHP is not supported here at MobileMe (formerly .Mac), I am moving almost everything over to iWeb. The few bits that you may run across that were not converted are most likely just things that were easier to just leave the way they were.

Anyway, this site is for fun, so I’m throwing out anything that feels like work to me. Of course, geek that I am, making a web site may blur the lines between work and hobby.