Hypercard Stacks


Here are a couple of HyperCard stacks I created long ago. They are free. These days I have moved on to other fun scripting environments like using javascript to make Dashboard widgets (Mac OS X 10.4) and AppleScript Studio.

These files have been compressed with StuffIt, so your web browser should be configured to use StuffIt Expander to extract files ending in ".sit".

If you have problems downloading any of these, please let me know.

Music Library is a stack for organizing your music collection of CDs, Tapes, and records. This is a 20K download.

USENET Cook Book is a collection of 527 recipes gathered from the internet news. This stack offers some nice search features which allow you to build a list of recipes based on search criteria. Printing and saving to text files are some of the other features. This is a big 527K download, and takes up 1.6 MB after decoding and expanding.