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Pretty Much Done

I’m a bit late getting this posted. Here it is, October 3, but all these pictures were taken on September 30, which is when the work was done. The big news is that the gutters are up, and with a bit of a surprise. We were expecting them to take the gutters that had been taken off and piled in the back and put them up, but they put up all new gutters, and with improved hinges on the downspouts. The old gutters got carted off as scrap. The guys doing the work explained that the labor involved in dealing with used materials increases the cost to the point that it’s not much different than putting up new gutters, which is easier.

Jason from Meadowlark assured me that there would be no additional cost, either to us or Meadowlark as the price had already been set with the gutter people, so bonus!

pretty much done
shiny new gutters improved hinge on downspout
gutters and downspouts from the back

After the gutters went up, I made my own small contribution, which was replacing the old patio light with something much nicer, but still simple.

patio light

There is one bit of work I didn’t blog about from even earlier. Back on September 24, that leftover chunk of concrete foundation from that wing wall was removed.

concrete chunk gone

So cleaners are coming to shampoo the living room carpet to get rid of the sticky residue from the plastic protection, and Jason’s going to tack in a few nails that were missed. At that point I think the only thing outstanding will be a little concrete that needs to fill in a gap at the corner of the garage, and a little concrete that was splashed on the new siding needs to be cleaned off. The concrete people will do that the next time they are doing a pour in the area, which I don’t expect will be very long.

Meanwhile, I’ve been putting our window treatments back up, including some improvements and upgrades. I’m feeling really good about how our home is looking.

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