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Framing the Porch

ready to pour a porch
ready to pour a porch

Today, the concrete people came out to make the frame into which concrete will be poured tomorrow to create our new front porch. I have had concerns that the new porch would not fit under our roofing overhang, so when I saw these guys cutting into the existing concrete to make room for the new porch, concerns came back to the front of my brain. I chatted with the Jason (project manager) and confirmed that, yes this is going to extend out beyond the overhang.

Jason assured me that they would make it right, that they had assured me that the roof would cover the porch, and so they will extend the roof. This is one of the many things that I like about working with Meadowlark (not sure I mentioned that they are the company doing this project). They take responsibility for their promises without a fuss and without trying to pass on the extra costs to us. He also doesn’t expect this to impact the schedule, so everything is still going ahead of schedule.

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