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front siding mostly done
front siding mostly done

I took a photo at the end of the day yesterday, but didn’t have time to post a journal, so I’m doing that now. I guess that was work day 13, but it depends on how you count it. There was no work done on September 6, but I still count it as a work day.

Anyway, they put up most of the rest of the siding yesterday, and have nearly finished with the front posts. Painting is finished on the inside, and it looks like that will be finished up on the outside today. We’re expecting rain this afternoon, but the painter didn’t seem to think that would be an issue. I guess it will be all done this morning. We should be getting the electrician early next week. Then it looks like we may have to wait a couple of weeks to get the shingles on the new part of the roof. I’m not sure if we have to wait for that before the gutters get put back in place.

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