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The electrician came out today and finished his work. Now we have a working porch light, doorbell, outlets for decorative holiday lights on our porch, outlets at the corner of the garage, and lights above the garage door. As a bonus, the electrician wired our switches so that we can turn the porch sockets on and off, and the outlets that our TV is hooked up to are now always on. We no longer need the piece of tape over the switch to keep us from accidentally turning off the TV, DVD, etc.

The stone door sill was also put back in place. Except for the shingles on the new bit of roof over the porch and the gutters, things are looking pretty much done. Oh there are a few other things ā€“ removing a big chunk of concrete and some cleanup ā€“ but we are definitely nearing the end of the project and Iā€™m really liking the transformation.

porch has all its parts
new front of house almost done
new LED lighting above garage doors



I forgot to look earlier this week, so am enjoying seeing the almost finished project. It really does look super and you must feel so good about it.


on 9/20/2019

We’re definitely feeling good about it.

Neil Clennan

on 10/3/2019

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