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Just a Few Things Left

The roofers came out today and put the shingles on, completing the part over the porch, and cleaners came out to clean the windows and the floors where work was done. Now we just need the gutters up, a big chunk of concrete removed, and maybe a small bit of concrete poured.

front of house with shingles

The gutters are scheduled to be reinstalled 10 days from now, but something could open up in the schedule. I think the slab of concrete at the side will be removed early next week. There is a spot at the corner of the garage where there is a gap between the drive and the foundation which I think is supposed to be filled with concrete. Jason is checking on it.

concrete to be removed
gap where brick used to be

There are still some areas of the carpet that are sticky from the plastic protection that was put down, so I’ll try vacuuming it a few times to see if it gets better, but otherwise we’ll explore having it shampooed.


Looking good!


on 9/20/2019

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